Oostburg Parent Teacher Organization (P.T.O.)
The name of this organization shall be Oostburg Parent Teacher Organization. (P.T.O.) This is an equal opportunity, non-profit organization.
Mission Statement:
P.T.O. will work in partnership with the staff, students, and parents to
build a strong, supportive educational environment in the Oostburg
Public Schools.
1. To promote the welfare of the children by developing a united effort between educators and the general public to secure for all children the highest advantages in education.
2. To foster communication among parents, children, teachers, administrators, community and elected school officials.
3. To promote volunteer programs and resources for the school.
4. To promote educational and informative programs.
5. To provide financial support, as necessary, for all the above objectives.
1. All parents and or guardians of children enrolled in the Oostburg
School District, all teachers and administrators employed by
Oostburg School District shall be considered to be members of the
Oostburg Parent Teacher Organization.
2. Every member in attendance and at a General Meeting shall be eligible to vote.
Executive Board:
1. The Executive Board shall consist of the P.T.O. officers.
2. The Executive Board shall approve and schedule all P.T.O. programs and activities.
3. The Executive Board shall review the Bylaws annually and ensure the adherence of the organization to the Bylaws.
Officers and Elections:
1. The officers of P.T.O. shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and a Treasurer.

2. Officers shall be elected by the Executive Board and parents and teachers attending the General Meeting in May.
3. No person shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
4. Vacancy of a position shall be filled for an expired term by appointment by the Executive Board.
Duties of the Officers

1. The President shall schedule and preside at all business meetings of P.T.O.. The President will review the volunteer form annually and will ensure appointments of chairs for the P.T.O. committees. The President will monitor the progress of the committees and have reports available for the P.T.O. business meetings. The President will adhere to the bylaws of the organization.
2. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence. The Vice-President/CoPresidents shall perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Board of P.T.O. such as acting as the volunteer coordinator.
3. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Board, conduct the correspondence delegated to the Secretary. The Secretary is custodian of all communications, documents and papers belonging to the organization. The Secretary ensures that all Executive Members receive the most recent copy of the minutes. The Secretary will provide a list of the Executive Board with phone numbers/addresses to each member of the Executive Board and to the School District office, including Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.
4. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys of the organization; keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures; pay out organization funds only as authorized by the organization or the Executive Board; and present a statement of account at every meeting of P.T.O..

1. Any officer may be removed from office with or without cause by a majority of the Executive Board in office at any regular or special meeting.
2. Attendance will be taken and recorded in the minutes at each meeting. A member may not have more than three (3) absences without due notice or cause in the school year. Upon the forth absence, that member will be removed from the P.T.O. Executive Board and an alternate will be seated for the remainder of the term.

1. All business meetings of P.T.O. shall be open to the public.
2. The public should be encouraged to attend and contribute ideas, make motions, and debate issues.
3. P.T.O. will meet every third Tuesday of the month, except when school activities or vacations conflict. In this event, the Secretary shall be responsible for notifying parents, teachers and administrators of meeting changes.
4. The May meeting will be designated for officer elections and fund raising ideas for the following year.
5. Special meetings, including votes and communication via email between all executive board members, may be called by the President/Co-President.
6. Roberts Rules of Order shall loosely govern this organization, where applicable and not in conflict with these bylaws.

*These bylaws may be amended at any monthly meeting during the school year by a majority of P.T.O. voting in favor of these modifications. The Executive Officers must receive a copy of these modifications prior to the monthly meeting in which they will be voted