Oostburg PTO Mini Grant
Grant Application Procedure and Instructions

How to apply for a grant?
Any staff member of the Oostburg School District interested in seeking grant support from PTO must:
  1. Complete a Grant Application Form
  2. Have the completed grant application reviewed & signed by administration
  3. Attach the order form, copy, or picture of item requested if applicable
  4. Forward the completed application to the below email

What is the application review process?
*All completed applications will be submitted to the PTO Grant Committee, which makes recommendations to PTO members at its meetings in accordance with PTO bylaws.
*PTO members vote on grant recommendations and approve the final awards. They may accept or reject any application.
*Applicants may be invited to a mini grant meeting to explain his or her activity or project.
*Once an application is approved by PTO the recipient will be notified officially by the committee.

What are the approval guidelines?
All grant applications will be given equitable consideration. Grant approval principals include:

*PTO seeks to enhance and compliment the school programs by increasing learning opportunities for students.
*PTO seeks to support as many worthwhile activities as reasonably possible, consistent with its mission and objectives.
*A matching fund or subsidy approach may be more consistent with the PTO’s objectives than full-funding of a project or activity.

When is the application due?
Please email completed applications to: Laura@vanwyksinc.com by February 14th.